Femtosecond Spin Dynamics Mechanism In Graphenes: The Bloch NMR-Schrödinger Probe


  • Moses E. Emetere Department of Physics, Covenant University Canaan land, P.M.B 1023, Ota, Nigeria
  • Bijan Nikouravan Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Islamic Azad University (IAU), Varamin, Iran




femtosecond spin dynamics, Schrödinger, Bloch NMR, spin relaxation


The mechanism of the femtosecond spin dynamics is still not properly understood. The remodeled Bloch-Schrödinger equation was incorporated into the Hamiltonian. The mechanism of the femtosecond dynamics was investigated under three quantum states. The spin relaxation mechanism operated in a single continuous time scale (>70ps) which was in variance with known postulate. The transient reflectivity was measured to be within an angular range of 18.6o to 90.0o at a pulse range of 1MHz to 6.5 MHz. Beyond the pulse intensity of -2.5, the system elapsed into a quasi-equilibrium state which explains the independence of the magnetic moment on the pulse intensity. Different possibilities of the femtosecond spin dynamics were worked out for future study.


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Emetere, M. E. ., & Nikouravan, B. (2014). Femtosecond Spin Dynamics Mechanism In Graphenes: The Bloch NMR-Schrödinger Probe. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences, 4(4), 105-110. https://doi.org/10.14331/ijfps.2014.330073




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