The Best Strategy in Rain



  • Seongtaek Seo University Santiago de Compostela, Medicine, Spain



Rain, Optimal speed, Run, Walk, Rectangular, Ellipse


The aim of this paper is to consider the best strategy of motion, in the rain. In this paper, not only we considered the motion of object with standing vertically on the ground, but also we measured the motion of object, with angle too. Here we will show, whether the optimal speed-angle exists in any angle or in any speed, or not. If it is exists, then we can find the optimal speed or the optimal angle. We also find out the crucial factor for the optimal speed. A very clear solution of this problem is the result of using six variables in rectangle and ellipsoidal model. Moreover, here an interesting result, in comparison between motion of object in the same time and same distance, will appear. The motion of object considered in two and three dimensional coordinate system for rectangle and ellipsoid models. The discussed model also is applicable for other fields.



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Author Biography

Seongtaek Seo, University Santiago de Compostela, Medicine, Spain



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