Irrefutable Proof of The Non-Existence of a ‎Gravitational ‎Singularity at The Centre of a ‎Black Hole

Gravity and Black holes‎


  • Amrit Šorli Bijective Physics Institute, Slovenia



Gravity, Black holes, Gravitational singularity‎


Astronomical observations confirm that gravitational force decreases with the square of the distance. If the gravitational force in the centre of Sagittarius A* were close to infinity and would decrease with the square of the distance, our Milky Way could not exist as we observe it. This fact is irrefutable proof that there is no gravitational singularity in the centre of Sagittarius A* and in general, there is no gravitational singularity in the centre of a black hole.


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Author Biography

Amrit Šorli, Bijective Physics Institute, Slovenia

Amrit S. Šorli , Bijective Physics Institute, Slovenia

Amrit Srečko Šorli is the founder and current director of the Bijective Physics Institute. His main research interests are the foundations of physics, cosmology, gravity, and Relativity Theory. He published around 50 articles and 10 books. His ORCID ID is


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Šorli, A. . (2023). Irrefutable Proof of The Non-Existence of a ‎Gravitational ‎Singularity at The Centre of a ‎Black Hole: Gravity and Black holes‎. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences, 13(1), 1-4.




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