The Eventuality of Equating Energy and Mass - Laws and Theories



  • Hamdoon A. Khan Independent researcher, Sri Lanka



Energy, Mass, Types of energy, Laws of energy, Light, Internal energy


Einstein's famous equation, , revolutionized the theory of physics and introduced new perspectives to the study of energy and mass. However, a close consideration of its principles raises essential concerns on the equitability of mass and energy as well as other phenomena like the speed of light. The unavoidable scientific claim of this paper is that the total energy of matter depends on its internal and external energies, which are accounted for by kinetic and potential energies. In the current work, thought experiments reveal important additions to this idea regarding the apparent effects of external energy on the nature of matter and particles. This paper employs detailed thought experiments and theoretical discussions to identify and address several notable inconsistencies related to the energy and mass equation based on previous works in physics. The relative external energy of an object will be influenced by the position of the observer. The outcomes of the experiments presented herein also provide key insights into the constancy of the internal energy of all matter and particles. Generally, this paper provides an important basis for analyzing the theory underlying the physics of energy and mass, addressing questionable ideas that are common but poorly substantiated and providing a new understanding of the nature of mass and energy that lays the foundations for further research in this area by projecting the difference between them.


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Hamdoon A. Khan , Independent researcher, Sri Lanka

Dr. Hamdoon A. Khan
Independent researcher,
51, Ibrahim road, Valaichenai – 05, Sri Lanka.



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