The Electromagnetic Radiation Mechanism

Radiation Physics


  • Mahmoud E. Yousif Physics Department, University of Nairobi, P.O.BOX 30197 Nairobi, Kenya



Electromagnetic radiation Mechanism, Light mechanism, Flip-Flop, Circular Magnetic Field


This paper suggested a mechanism for Electromagnetic Radiation (EM-R); the mechanism is based on the Flip-Flop (F-F) of combined Circular Magnetic Field (CMF) and Electric Field (EF) produced by energetic charged particles, the action released the EM-R; while as the F-F generates EM-R, it is also achieved within specific Flipping Time (tF), the inverse of which is the Flipping Frequency (fF), the model is compared with Maxwell’s two transformations to elaborate differences and characteristics, hence when EM-R is better understood, that will reflect on the physical world and related human ideas and philosophies.


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