Gravitational force and fallacy of space deformation


Keywords: Gravitational force, Space deformation


In the present paper, we attempt to explain what we really do not know or understand. For this, we assume to accept approaches that go against reason and common sense. We will try to give a view, about inaccuracy arguments state that the gravity force associated with mass, is caused by the deformation of the space adjacent to it. To move from the real world to the world of fantasy, we only needed to support the misconception of the time dilation in the fallacy of the space deformation. We will use this paper to expose some writings that contribute to masking logical reasoning.


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Author Biography

Enrique Martinez Viladesau, Engineering
Enrique Martinez Viladesau, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Barcelona (ETSIUB), Spain

Biography of Enrique Martinez Viladesau


Enrique Martinez Viladesau is the author of several articles in the field of theory of relativity. He was an Advisor, Director and Manager of different companies and Head of Studies (HOS) in a taught distance course. In a Department of the Government of Catalonia (DGC), he acted as Technological Advisor, in establishing a connection bridge between the University and the Company and now he is retired for years.


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Viladesau, E. M. (2019). Theory of Relativity: The Fallacy of the Principle of Equivalence. International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS), 9(1), 6-9.

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